Still dealing with stubborn acne blemishes or a dull, uninspired complexion? Maybe you’re just not washing your face right! It might seem simple, but the frequency with which you wash your visage – and the products you use – can have a major impact on your skin’s clarity.

First, remember that the soap you use is important. What works for scrubbing your back and arms won’t necessarily be gentle enough for the sensitive skin on your face, so pick up a cleanser that’s made specifically for your most delicate areas, like Baxter of California‘s Face Wash. If you still suffer from the occasional breakout, try washing with a salicylic acid wash in the morning and a benzoyl peroxide cream at night. But be careful that it’s not too drying!

If your skin starts feeling dry and tight, cut back on your washing routine. Your face does need some essential oils, so over-washing can actually aggravate your skin problems, not solve them. Start by washing once a day, and ramp it up to twice a day – morning and night – if your skin isn’t showing improvement.

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