Looking through magazines, blogs and websites for makeup inspiration is always helpful, but you may have noticed that some looks just wouldn’t work for your skin tone. Lighter colors may get lost on dark skin, while bold hues can seem overwhelming on paler complexions. However, there are some shades that are universally flattering.

1. Purple. Rich purple works on any skin tone or eye color, so grab an eyeshadow like BABOR – Eye Shadow in Twilight and get blending!

2. Rose. On the lips, sheer roses can’t go wrong. Look for a matte lipstick (so fresh right now) or a shimmery lip gloss in the shade.

3. Gold. This warm metallic can flatter anyone – used as fun eyeliner, inner-corner eyeshadow or in flecks of shimmery lip gloss, golden hues are your friends.

4. True red. According to Allure Magazine, a true red lipstick that’s as red as it gets is a classic look for any gal.

5. Turquoise. While it’s definitely unexpected, turquoise eyeliner is fantastic on every complexion, offering a break from the average makeup routine.

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