You may be diligent about applying a serum, moisturizer, primer and foundation, but how often do you remember to use a highlighter? Many women think of highlighters as a special occasion product that can help you look great for an important event, but they shouldn’t just be saved for these instances.

A highlighter can help make your skin look positively radiant. By reflecting light and calling attention to certain areas of your face, the product can help you create contours and flattering effects that you couldn’t get from any other makeup. But how and where do you apply it?

Start by making thin lines on the very tops of your cheekbones, following the curve up to the side of your eye. Use your finger to blend. Another set of lines underneath your brow bone will give your eyes a lift, while a dab in the inner corners looks fresh. A thin line down the bridge of your nose is also flattering.

For maximum impact, use a bronzer to shade the areas underneath the highlight so they stand out more. Effective, right?

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