Not everyone works in an environment where colorful nail polish and the latest nail trends are okay. If you need to be more professional, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock cool nail polish. Here are the top 10 nail looks that your boss will probably approve of.

1. Milky nudes. White or cream looks best. Try BABOR – Advance Nail White – 02 French in Natural.
2. Shimmery beige. Neutral but slightly edgy.
3. Pale peach. More chic than baby pink and totally on-trend.
4. Sheer pastels. They’ll give a subtle hint of color.
5. A shimmery top coat. Just a hint of shimmer on bare nails is hot.
6. Pearly polishes. Pearl finishes are sophisticated – just like real pearls.
7. Matte finish. A not-too-bright shade gets a makeover when it’s not shiny.
8. Soft lilac. A color this soft is barely noticeable and hints at your girly side.
9. Trendy taupe. A taupe polish like Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers in Fashion is so not boring.
10. French with a twist. Instead of pale pink with white tips, try a more unexpected combination.

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