Bright lipsticks are a summer staple, but not everyone is comfortable wearing shades that practically scream “look at my lips!” If you’re the kind of woman who feels too self-conscious wearing the latest trends in bright lipstick, like magenta, fuchsia, coral or bubblegum pink, there’s one shade that can still evoke the summery vibe without making you wonder if everyone’s staring at your pout.

That color, according to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, is melon. MTV Europe’s Laura Whitmore was recently seen wearing a soft, sherbet shade of melon lipstick that proved exactly how summery it is. Paired with minimal makeup – a bit of black eyeliner and some shimmery white eyeshadow – it looks effortlessly chic.

As long as you keep the melon shade soft, there’s no reason to wear lip liner – in fact, the effect will be more laidback if you skip liner altogether. A little smudging is perfectly okay. If you’re not sure which shade would work best, try something like BABOR – Classic Lip Color in Melon as a good starting point.

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