It really stinks, but summer’s almost over and pretty soon you won’t be able to wear those cute sundresses and shorts unless you pair them with tights and long-sleeved shirts. But you still have a couple of weeks left to shamelessly rock summer styles – so go for it! Don’t forget to pair your fashions with these summer beauty looks.

1. Neon nail polish. Something like Lippmann Collection Whip It Nail Lacquer will cheer you up, even if you’re dreading going back to school or suffering through colder weather.

2. Chic updos. Sure, you can still rock a pulled-up style in the fall, but your neck might be a lot colder! Break out those braids, chignons and ponytails while you’re still prone to sweat.

3. Bright lipstick. This summer was all about shades like orange and fuchsia, which might not mesh so well with fall fashion staples. Pick up a daring shade of BABOR – Ultra Soft Lip Colour 36 Tropical Pink while it’ll still match your style!

4. Self-tanner. Rocking a goddess glow is a bit weird in the winter unless you just came back from a tropical vacation, so use up the rest of your self-tanners now!