If you’ve always been a sucker for pink, whether it’s a petal-pink dress, a rosy lipstick or even a cute little piggie, you’re going to be all over Jordana Brewster’s pink ensemble. According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, she wore the pastel pink outfit to the recent Channel 5 Dallas launch party with a matching makeup look. Here’s how you can copy her!

Start out with your basic makeup routine of moisturizer, primer, concealer and foundation. You don’t want any pinkish splotches or blemishes competing with your beauty products! Now slick on a pale rosy shade of lipstick, like BABOR Filling Lip Color. Two coats with a blot in between will make sure it lasts.

Now use a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to create a natural-looking flush – this’ll finish up your face. As for the eyes, line your inner rims and along your lash lines with a black eyeliner like BABOR Maxi Definition Eye Liner (Black). Sweep a delicate gold shadow across your lids, then use a pink eyeshadow on just the outer corners. Finish with two coats of black mascara and you’ll be as pretty as Jordana!