If you thought that opting for a Frenchie meant consigning yourself to a plain pink and white manicure, think again. This spring, French manicures are getting in tune with their wild side, which means a whole lot of vibrant fun for your hands.

“The new twist on the French…usually involves a light base color paired with a vibrant, bold tip for contrast, ranging from neon pink and bright blues to shiny black and even textured metallic,” StyleList.com reports.

The possibilities are virtually endless, so let there be no holds barred when it comes to pairing the wildest duos of polish colors you can find.

Of course, they key to a successful French manicure still lies in your manual dexterity and the quality of the polish brush. The trick here is to look for nail polish wands that feature a longer, thinner brush than most to help you really nail those tips. BABOR French Manicure Nail Color is designed with these needs in mind, but you can find handy polishes in virtually any color you can imagine.

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