If you don’t already own a makeup brush or two, it’s time to consider what adopting a professional tool will do for your daily makeup routine. That being said, there are a number of things to consider when selecting your brushes for the first time.

Generally speaking, makeup brushes are either natural or synthetic, and there are distinct advantages to both. According to StyleBistro.com, man-made brushes are cheaper, easier to clean and are great for liquid or creamy makeup, as they don’t trap products as easily between the fibers.

Brushes made from natural hair, on the other hand, tend to boast significantly higher quality and more natural results, making them a favored tool among most professionals. However, their cost and questionable role in the fight for animal rights make these brushes unappealing to some, the news source reports.

According to BeautyholicsAnonymous.com, natural-haired brushes are also considered to be best for powder makeup because it tends to retain the pigments and distribute them more evenly, but a synthetic brush used for powder may merely offer you a sheerer coverage.

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