We know you’ve got other things on your mind this season (such as the crashing waves in front of you and the warm, white sand below you), but being out and about in the sun requires you to be extra attentive when taking care of your body’s largest organ.

You all know by now that it’s never a good idea to spent time outside sans-sunscreen, but how diligent have you been lately when it comes to really getting good about protecting yourself all the way? In reality, you should be lathering it on every day, not just when you’re in a swimsuit.

That being said, the beach and the pool are definitely two locations that will require you to slow down a bit when you’re slicking on the SPF. According to Glamour.com, applying sunscreen too quickly when you’re already outside results in splotchy coverage (and matching unsightly red blotches).

“Swear off the speedy spray ‘n’ play approach,” the news source suggests. “Give yourself a good chunk of time to make sure you get every single square inch and apply 30 minutes before going out.”

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