Like the gym, the beach is one of those places that definitely makes it up there on the “avoid makeup at all costs” list. However, because we know there’s always going to be enough of you who insist on getting just a tad dolled up, here are a few items you may want to consider in lieu of your standard makeup fixes.

Tinted moisturizer. We know you love all the coverage that you’re used to, but sweltering heat and salty surf won’t do your skin well when it’s covered in a thick shell of pancake makeup. Choose a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores for sexy, suave beach beauty know-how.

An all-over blush stick. We would generally advise you to avoid powder formulas at the beach, since you run the risk of looking old lady-like and overly done-up. Use a creamy formula that blends smoothly into your skin for a bit of extra color – given you even need any!

Balm with SPF. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of color on your pout, come to think of it – just make sure it’s packed with plenty of moisturizing properties and a bit of protection for those sensitive lips. Also, don’t commit to a product before testing it out first, or just stick to the proven skincare brands you’re already familiar with.

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