There’s nothing like a totally new hair color to overhaul your entire look – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should rely solely on your tresses to make the transition complete. A drastic change in hair color often requires a subtle shift in the way you apply your makeup, and if anything else, it’s loads of fun to experiment with the new options this opens up for your look.

According to the Huffington Post’s Napoleon Perdis, anyone who transitions to blonde from a darker color should by all means investigate a bright shade of blush, especially if your hair color closely matches your skin tone. As for lipsticks, he recommends that blondes experiment with darker colors while newly-minted brunettes keep it classy with just a tint or a gloss.

Eye makeup may also require a bit of an overhaul, especially if you’re transitioning from a warm color palette to a cool one (or vice versa). If you spent your whole life dabbling in browns and neutrals, now may be the time to see what a swipe of moody blue could do for that gaze.

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