Halloween is a great time to rock trends that you’d normally never even consider wearing – like extra-dark lipstick, crazy fake eyelashes and super long nails. If you’re still looking for a costume this year, why not consider getting your hands on a few out-there products and going for a sexy vampire look? Glamour magazine’s beauty blog pointed out Miranda Kerr, who wore a reddish black lipstick and sultry eye makeup at a vampire-themed party.

The key here is to dress like you think a vampire would. All of the recent television shows, movies and books have surely put a few ideas into your head, so now is the time to be creative. Wear tight, black clothes and use a styling product like Jack Black – Sleek Finish Texture Cream to create a sleek, sexy hairstyle.

For your face, use a lighter foundation to give yourself a pale visage. Instead of using a brush, use a makeup sponge to get a more natural look. Then apply thick black eyeliner to define your eyes with a winged-out line. Apply plenty of black eyeshadow – there’s no such thing as too much in this case. Finally, use a dark lipstick like TRUE Cosmetics – Pure Lip Color in Empress. You’ll look hot – and a little scary!

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