Glamour magazine’s beauty blog recently posted an article griping about the annoyance of shaving your knees. It seems like no matter what you do, there’s always that elusive strip of hair that somehow manages to sneak away from your razor. Annoying, right?

The fact that knees are bony and have a more complicated surface than your legs definitely accounts for those stray hairs. So does the fact that often times, the hairs on your knees grow in different directions, so you can’t always get them if you just do a couple of upward strokes.

If you use a moisturizer like Whish – Lavender Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel on your knees, you’ll find that your hair growth will slow down, which means you’re less likely to have knee stubble after every shave.

You could also skip the whole shaving thing and go with a waxing kit like MOOM – Organic Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree (Classic). As long as you focus a little extra attention on your knees, they should be just as smooth as the rest of your legs when you’re done.

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