Actress Amanda Seyfried was recently spotted with a smoky eye makeup look that perfectly complemented her eyes. As a bonus, it’s super easy to do yourself, as long as you have the right products. Here’s the how-to, according to Glamour magazine’s beauty blog.

It starts out with plenty of black eyeliner. Use GloMinerals – gloPrecision Eye Pencil to rim the inner edges of your lids, then sweep across your upper lash line. A freshly-sharpened pencil is key here because it will give you a smooth, even application.

Next, use a shimmery copper eyeshadow all over your lids. Add a bit a little past your creases and on the inside corners of your eyes, then use a little underneath your lower lash line. You may want to use Too Faced – Shimmer Veils for a little extra oomph.

To top it off, use a purple shade of eyeshadow above your upper lash line, then use it to create a soft winged edge just over your creases. Finish with a coat or two of black mascara, and your eyes will be super sexy.

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