This summer, braids were all the rage, but heading into the fall, there’s no style that can compete with the easy-to-master, chic sock bun. Don’t let the name turn you off – while messy buns can lend an aura of cool to your look, for true radiance, you can’t do go wrong with this thick and durable ‘do. To get this look fast, consider these three steps straight from Allure Magazine.

1. Condition your mane. Before you pull off this look, be sure to condition your hair with something like Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner, which can help strengthen and polish hair. After you’ve dried off, pull your hair into a ponytail.

2. Sock it up. Grab a sock that matches the color of your locks and cut the toe off so that only the tube remains. Then roll it up in a circle and wrap your ponytail around it. This can be tricky and may require a lot of patience, but once you’ve set all your strands in place, you’ll be more than halfway done!

3. Pin it in place. Once you’ve set your sock bun in place, bobby pins and an extra elastic can help it stay secure. A spritz of something like Leonor Greyl – Laque Souple Gentle Hold Hair Spray can give it a gentle hold throughout the day.

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