Whether we’re looking a bit under the weather from all the harshness of the winter winds or we’re just looking to freshen up a bit in time for spring, achieving an enviable glow can be the winning basis for any standout beauty look.

However, getting a radiant complexion isn’t just about what you do for your skin, as the state of your epidermis is more of a reflection of what goes in your body as well.

“Moisturize and use a product with sun-protection factor,” makeup artist Cicely Gordon recommended to The Des Moines Register. “Natural makeup products are always a good idea, especially for people with sensitive skin. And eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and getting plenty of sleep are probably the nicest things you can do for your skin this spring and on an ongoing basis.”

If you really want to go the extra mile, choose lip products, tinted moisturizers or foundations with an SPF factor in them as well.

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