Forget about eyeshadow, lashes or even lips as the main feature on your face. Why not change your look up this spring by making bold, strong eyebrows the central focus of your makeup?

“Heavy brows are great with minimal makeup,” makeup artist Cicely Gordon told The Des Moines Register. “I love eyebrows. Manipulating them can change your look dramatically.”

There’s no cut and dry way to go about it, but a few basic guidelines are sure to get you into shape, and by that we mean keeping up to date with waxing and tweezing. Whether you go to a professional or do it at home, finding the best possible shape for your natural brows is the first step to any great endeavor.

If your brows lack a bit of shape and color on their own, using a pencil or mousse that matches your natural hair color can do wonders for you. Remember – this spring it’s all about fullness, so don’t be afraid to layer on a bit more than you usually would.

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