Sheer clothing will always and forever be in style, but what we have in mind has more to do with face makeup products.

“Tinted moisturizers and sheer, luminous, natural skin is very trendy,” makeup artist Cicely Gordon told The Des Moines Register. “Pair those with pastel colors that are always so pretty in spring, and you have a very natural look.”

To get that dewy-faced appearance, always start with a good helping of regular moisturizer and let it sink in for at least five minutes.

Next, apply concealer to flaws and blemishes and finish with a tinted moisturizer, as this can give you the potency you need without having to compromise your natural beauty for an all-over look.

To finish, apply some highlighting powder on your cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose and you’re bound to look fresh-faced in no time.

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