Heather Morris has proved that she’s certainly one to watch. The Glee starlet, who has previously appeared on TV as a backup dancer for Beyonce, was promoted to series regular this year on the hit FOX television series, headlining the Britney Spears episode and snagging some of the program’s most memorable one-liners.

However, she is also turning heads thanks to her lovely blonde locks and flawless face. And while ladies all over the world may want to glean some beauty advice from Morris, it seems that her routine is fairly simple.

“What do I use on my blonde hair to keep it shiny? I just wash it. The end,” Morris told Teen Vogue. “Like most dancers, I love lip stains. We hate lip gloss because hair gets stuck in it.”

When asked about her makeup history, it appears that the dancer-turned-actress first started experimenting with cosmetics at a young age.

“I was too young, and my mom didn’t want me to wear makeup, but I was 11-years-old and I had two older sisters and they wore makeup, so I had to, and I probably shouldn’t have,” she explained. “When I’m a parent, I’m not letting my children wear makeup before the age of 16.”

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