The winter can lead to a change in your complexion. And while dull skin is often treated with moisturizers and lotions, women looking for a quick pick-me-up can use a highlighter for an easy fix.

However, the key to a realistic glow is applying the highlighter in moderation – you shouldn’t look like you ran through a sparkling rainstorm. To curb a glitter overload, Allure magazine suggests combining the highlighter with foundation. The mixture will deposit shimmer – not color – to your skin.

You can use a cream or a powder, whichever formula you prefer. Apply the highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes for subtle radiance after you’ve put on your other cosmetics.

“Focus on the tops of the bones so it looks like the light is catching them,” makeup artist Pati Dubroff told the news outlet. You can also use highlighter on your pout, shoulders and collarbone.

Finally, the news source recommends using a separate brush for the shimmer so that your blush and foundation brushes aren’t flecked with glitter.

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