Even if your hairstyle is as run-of-the-mill as a bowl of cereal in the morning, just about anyone could learn some invaluable hair advice from those that take their tresses to the extreme.

A good hair color can be notoriously hard to maintain. If there’s anyone we can learn from in this department, it’s Paramore front-lady Hayley Williams, who is notorious for her always-fresh head of neon strawberry locks.

“The healthier my hair, the better it looks,” she told Self.com. So how does she keep her crayon-rich hue alive? The magazine points out that the sun’s UV rays can oxidize the pigment in hair and make it look dull – to prevent this from happening, ladies with color-treated hair should use a leave-in conditioner with UV blockers.

At the same time, it’s never a good idea to overprocess your hair, even if you’re bent on having the best head of peroxide locks around. Take it from Lady Gaga, who confesses to scheduling frequent intensive hair treatments to help her hair cope with all that bleach and gravity-defying splendor. Not that it goes to waste on our eyes, but we’re sure that even her hair needs a break once in awhile.

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