Halloween is the time of the year when we get to dress up as our favorite characters and be bold without a care. From unicorns to Frankensteins, there’s a wide variety of makeup looks you can choose from.

Keep reading if you’re looking for the best beauty items to make your Halloween weekend a hit. We’ve featured the best items to make this Halloween spookily spectacular.

Wipe Out That Stubborn Makeup

Halloween is all about cool yet spooky makeup looks and gorgeous costumes. Whether you dress up as a vampire or a pop star, chances are you’ll be going heavy with the makeup. While it may look amazing, it’s always such a hard task removing heavy makeup. The Coup d’eclat Cleansing Micellar Gel is just what you need to scrub away your Halloween makeup.

Whether you’ve got a thick cream foundation or waterproof mascara, this makeup remover will get rid of it all. It’s a very gentle formula that works great on all skin types. If you’ve got sensitive skin, this micellar gel won’t cause any redness or irritation. It doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrances that can be very drying. All you need to do is apply some micellar water to a cotton pad and use it to remove the makeup. No rinsing is required for this product.

Carry Bold Styles with the Right Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow looks can make your Halloween costume come to life. But not every eyeshadow palette has bold and pigmented colors. To save yourself from disappointment, try the Give Them Lala Beauty Birthday Palette. It has 9 different shades that you can use for many types of makeup looks. Whether you want to dress up as a mermaid for Halloween or a princess, this palette can help complete your look.

The best part about these eyeshadow shades is that they have a buttery finish that glides effortlessly on the lids. You don’t have to worry about it caking on your eyes or leaving any fallout. These eyeshadow colors are also easy to blend, perfect for makeup lovers. This palette contains both matte and foils colors. Use it to create a bold cut crease or a colorful smokey eye. The possibilities are endless with this amazing eyeshadow palette.

Amp Up Those Lashes with a Volumizing Mascara

Whether you choose to go for a simple Halloween makeup look or a dramatic one, this Jazmine Beauty Luxe Lash Volumizing Mascara can give it the best finishing touch. It can make even the thinnest eyelashes look full and thick. The best part is that it’s smudge-proof, so you don’t have to worry about smearing, even if you get sweaty on the dance floor.

It is also a no-transfer mascara, so it won’t stain your clothes once it’s dried down. If you love full lashes but don’t want to wear falsies, this is a great pick since it gives lashes a natural yet gorgeous appearance. This mascara is vegan and made with high-quality ingredients. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. The mascara tube is small enough to fit inside your clutch in case you need touch-ups. This volumizing mascara also has a unique wand designed to add volume.

The Lasting Effect – Pick The Right Primer

No one likes their makeup fading away or, even worse, staining people’s clothes when you hug them. If you plan on going to a Halloween party and want to make your makeup last through the night, try this amazing primer. The Derma MD Face Canvas Invisible Flawless Primer creates a smooth finish for your makeup. It makes your skin look dewy while also keeping your makeup in place.

The best thing about this primer is that it works like a filter and blurs out any enlarged pores, giving you flawless skin. It works to remove texture and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines. Most primers tend to be heavy, but that’s not the case with this product. It is very lightweight and gives your skin the hydration it needs. This primer won’t feel greasy and is just what you need for this Halloween weekend. Use on dry skin before you apply your foundation for the best results.

A Device To Take It All Off

Your special Halloween makeup may look amazing, but it may damage your skin and clog pores if not taken off correctly. This Bachca Paris Mini Facial Cleansing Brush can remove anything from pigmented eyeshadow to glitter. It’s got synthetic fibers that are very soft on the skin and help exfoliate it. Not only does this cleansing brush remove makeup, but it also gets rid of dead skin cells.

It’s the perfect end to a Halloween night full of partying, one that your skin will be grateful for. This cleansing brush has a rose gold handle that looks very aesthetically pleasing. Use it with either a foaming cleanser or your favorite gel scrub. Once you’ve lathered up the brush, rub the bristles in gentle circles across your face.

Pull Off Extreme Makeup Looks with Bold Lipsticks

Got an itch for edgy and bold lipsticks that are completely out there? We bring you just the right collection of unconventional lipstick you can’t resist. The Rossario George RG Matte Liquid Lipstick is all the rage for its amazing range of bold, beautiful colors. Whether you like to pull off a gothic look with black or grey lips, or go all bubbly with a hot pink hue, the brand has you covered.   

Add a sexy element to your Halloween costume with these perfect lip colors. The high-intensity pigment will take you by surprise because even the darkest shade wouldn’t become too dry or patchy. The moisturizing ingredients in the formula ensure a comfortable, emollient, and silky feeling to your lips that feel great throughout the day. Rock your unique look with lipstick that creates a statement on its own.