Let’s be honest, men with well-maintained beards are very sexy. But let’s not overshadow those clean-shaven folks amongst us who like to maintain a more polished and well-kept beard-less look. No-beard is equally amazing, especially if that cleaner look helps you with self-image and confidence. But shaving and maintaining that refined look can be quite the task. Most shaving products contain drying chemicals that can irritate or, even worse, cause beard dandruff!

Using the right products for smoother skin can be a game changer. On this national No-Beard Day, we bring you some of the best shaving products to achieve and maintain flawless skin under that mane. 

MadeMan – The Resetter

This MadeMan The Resetter 2-in-1 product is just what you need for a smooth shave and rejuvenated skin. It has a gel consistency that gently cleanses the skin, giving your skin the hydration it needs. Made with all-natural vegan ingredients like coconut oil and eucalyptus, this cleanser is perfect for all skin types.

If you’re someone that struggles with ingrown hair, you’ll love this product. Not only does it soothe razor burns, but it can prevent pesky ingrown hair from forming. This cleanser also helps reduce the appearance of blemishes on the face. Dampen your face with warm water before using it for the best results. 

Baxter Of California – Double Edge Safety Razor Set

Plastic razors are a thing of the past, especially if you’re looking for a smooth shave. This Baxter of California Double Edge Safety Razor comes with three chrome plated pieces that not only look great, but also gets the job done. It comes with a badger brush with soft bristles and helps gently lift up your beard hairs. The safety razor has a double-edged blade that gives you a close shave without being too rough on the skin.

It also includes a stand for the brush and razor, keeping them dry after use. The handles of each product have a barbershop pole design for a sleek look. This is the perfect present for anyone looking to get a smooth and even shave each time.

Sharp Gent’s – The Shaving Cream

Most shaving creams can be pretty drying, which can leave your skin feeling irritated. The Sharp Gent’s Shaving Cream has a balmy consistency that melts into the skin. Your razor will glide smoothly with the help of this product, reducing the risk of cuts and razor burns. It is ideal for people with acne since it contains nourishing ingredients.

The shaving cream includes hydrating ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil. Not only is this product organic, but it’s vegan too. Whether your skin is sensitive or dry, this shaving cream can work wonders on it. Use only a small amount every time you shave your beard.

Billy Jealousy – Mellow Lime Beard Oil

Struggling with a scraggly beard? Try this Billy Jealousy Mellow Lime Beard Oil to get the softest facial hair. It contains avocado and lime oils that soak into the beard and condition it down to the root. This beard oil also contains aloe leaf oil which is a very hydrating product, perfect for people dealing with beard dandruff. It also has a refreshing and calming bergamot scent.

Take your beard care routine to the next level with this amazing beard oil. Not only does it soften your beard but the skin underneath it as well. You can even use this beard oil on your mustache. If you have tangled in your beard, use this beard oil along with a fine toothed comb to get them out.

LaVigne Natural Skincare – Damage Control Skin FX-Cleanse + Shave

Looking to shorten your beard care routine but still want amazing results? Try this LaVigne Natural Skincare’s Damage Control Skin FX 2-in-1 beard cleanser that also doubles as a shaving gel. It’s perfect for dry skin and can help it retain moisture, keeping it moisturized throughout the day. Most shaving gels contain harsh ingredients like alcohol that can dry out the skin. But this amazing product has hydrating ingredients like aloe leaf gel and Mayan tepezcohuite extract.

The best part about this gel cleanser is its wonderful lavender scent. Not only will it give you a smooth shave, but it will also make you smell lovely. It can also help your skin barrier heal and keep your pores clean too. Use only a small amount and massage it into your skin before shaving.

Lab Series – Grooming Razor Burn Relief Balm

Razor burn can be really painful and looks pretty unsightly as well. This Lab Series Grooming Razor Burn Relief Balm can help soothe any irritation and reduce redness too. It works like a lotion, and you can use it daily, especially when you shave your face. This burn relief balm gives quick results and won’t cause a stinging sensation.

It’s perfect for all skin types, and it won’t irritate sensitive skin. This razor burn relief balm contains organic ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera. It’s also great for ingrown hair, and you only need a small amount to get the job done. The best part is that the bottle contains a lot of product that can easily last you a couple of months.

Marence – After Shave Balm 3k Multi Molecular

Shaving cream may be an important part of maintaining your beard, but so is the aftercare. The Marence After-Shave Balm can give your skin the care it needs. Most shaving gels contain drying ingredients that can leave your skin feeling itchy. But this one contains hyaluronic acid, which traps moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated. Additionally, it also helps retain your skin’s elasticity.

This product is perfect for people that have hyperpigmentation since it can brighten the skin. It contains many nourishing ingredients like goji berry and vitamin E. This after-shave balm is suitable for all skin types and won’t irritate sensitive skin.