Remember when crackle-coated nails were all the rage? While those are still totally in style now that nail art is huge, magnetic nail polish has recently been showing up everywhere. These polishes are infused with tiny metallic particles that create awesome 3D designs on your nails when you run a magnet over them. And the best part is that you don’t even have to go searching for a magnet – they’re in the cap!

So how do you pull off this chic metallic mani? First, make sure your nails are completely clear of old polish and oil with a product like Lippmann Collection – The Stripper to go. This will make sure the polish sticks to your nails. Now apply one coat of base coat and wait until it’s dry.

Paint on one coat of the magnetic polish, but don’t use the magnet yet. Applying this first coat will just ensure that the color won’t look streaky. After two or three minutes, paint a thicker coat of the metallic polish on your first nail, then immediately hold the magnetic cap close to it (but not touching). Hold it there for about 10 seconds to create a cool design, then repeat the process on the rest of your nails.

When you’re done, seal the deal with a quick-dry top coat and you have yourself a futuristic manicure!

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