If you are working on weight loss, then your time at the gym is very valuable. You want to get the most you can out of your workout. If your goal is to get the weight off fast, then you’ll want to invest your time in activities that will torch the maximum amount of calories. Here are four workouts that will burn over 500 calories:

1. Kickboxing
Kickboxing is a mix of cardio exercise and martial arts training. A kickboxing class is an aerobic activity. Kickboxing is fun, gets the heart rate up, and keeps you energized. But how does kickboxing help with weight loss? It’s a high impact workout that uses all parts of the body. Additionally, there are ways to include strength training into the process. One hour of kickboxing will burn a whopping 660 calories. That’s sure to help you meet your calorie deficit goal.

2. Swimming
Swimming is one of the best exercises around. It is low-impact and therefore unlikely to leave you sore and drained. However, it also works every muscle you have. If you use different strokes throughout your workout, you stand an even higher likelihood of maximizing the benefits. One hour of swimming will burn 575 calories. All that without even really having to break a sweat! Swimming is one of the few low impact activities that will torch calories at that kind of rate.

3. Cycling
Indoor cycling is a great activity to do while watching a favorite show or even reading a book. It’s easy to grab some water, and it definitely gets your heart pumping. In order to achieve maximum fat loss, make sure the cycle has some kind of resistance set. It also helps simulate cycling outside. It’s also a good idea to keep your arms moving while cycling because it is really only works the legs and abs. One hour on a stationary bike going about 12-14 mph will also burn 575 calories. You don’t even have to stand up.

4. Circuit Training
Circuit training is a mix of cardio and resistance weight training. It raises the heart rate, increases endurance, builds muscle, and increases mobility. However, it’s important to be careful. It’s a very high impact workout that can cause injury if not performed correctly. Work with a fitness instructor the first few times you circuit train to make sure you are protecting yourself. Other than that, it is a great workout with tons of health benefits, not the least of which is a 560 calorie burn.

A 500 calorie burn isn’t the easiest to accomplish, but it is guaranteed to bring you results. These four activities will help you see the number of the scale continue to move down. Mix it up and try doing different workouts on different days. It will keep your body guessing and keep you from getting bored.