While people purchase certain beauty products for a variety of reasons – the formula, the color, the price – some consumers will buy makeup for one reason and one reason alone – it’s new!

But, did you ever stop to think that there may be a reason that some women are more attracted to “just released” products than others? According to a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, it may be attributed to the first letter of one’s childhood surname.

Science Daily reports that the study found that those with childhood surnames that fell later in the alphabet were quicker to purchase items of value to them, which could be a result of often being in the back of the line in school when organized alphabetically by name.

“The idea holds that children develop time-dependent responses based on the treatment they receive. In an effort to account for these inequities, children late in the alphabet will move quickly when last name isn’t a factor – they will ‘buy early,'” the authors wrote.

We can’t help by wonder – next time the newest shade of Jane Iredale lip color is made available, will Michelle Williams snag one faster than Amy Adams?

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