There’s nothing more annoying than removing your sweater, scarf or hat to discover that your hair is full of static. It wreaks havoc on any hairstyle and can be tough to tame without making it look greasy or flattened. Luckily, Glamour magazine’s beauty blog has a few useful tips to help you battle the frizz.

1. Spray a bit of Gentle Hold Hair Spray on your hairbrush before you brush your hair. It will put your strands back in place and keep them from straying – without looking plastered down.

2. Gently rub a dryer sheet over your head. You know it works for laundry, and it’s no different for your hair! Just be gentle, otherwise too much could come off and make your hair look greasy.

3. Switch your volumizing shampoo. For some reason, volumizing and thickening products seem to make hair more prone to static. For the winter months, consider switching to a Shine Therapy Shampoo. Your locks will be smooth and shiny.

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