Put yourself in a guy’s shoes for a second. It’s New Year’s Eve. The ball in Times Square is about to drop, meaning it’s about time to go in for that midnight kiss. However, the woman you have eyes for is wearing bright red lipstick. Do you really want that all over your lips?

Although red lipstick looks stunning, it’s not exactly the most kissable lip makeup. Instead of swiping on a daring shade, keep it natural and shiny this year. A neutral lip looks the most inviting, and a touch of shine can draw a bit of extra attention and create dimension.

Use a lipstick that matches or is slightly darker than your natural lip color, like Paula Dorf – Lip Color in Casino. Finish it off with a super shiny clear gloss, just in the middle of your lower lip. Sothys – Radiance Gloss will look gorgeous, and it’s not sticky! You won’t have to worry about making your guy hesitate to go in for the kiss. He’ll be dying to!

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