If you’ve never cleaned your makeup brushes, you’re doing your face a disservice. They can pick up tons of bacteria from use and just being stored, which can cause breakouts and can clump up the bristles. Every month, you should give all of your makeup brushes a thorough washing.

Gather up all of your brushes, like those found in Sothys – Makeup Brushes Set, and get an old towel and a gentle face wash. A brush cleaner like beingTRUE Cosmetics – Brush Care + also works great to disinfect. Wet the brushes with warm water and lather cleaner into the bristles. Swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand to make sure the soap gets everywhere. Rinse the bristles out under the warm water until the run-off is clear. You may have to lather up really dirty brushes a couple of times.

When they’re clean, gently wipe them across the towel and store them on the edge of your counter or sink to dry. Don’t store them upright, as this can permanently shape the bristles. Also, avoid soaking your brushes, as prolonged moisture can loosen the glue keeping the bristles attached. Your brushes will be grime-free and dry before you know it!

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