Ashley Greene seldom has an off-day when it comes to beauty, and it was no different at the recent premiere of Butter. Rocking a gorgeous mane of center-parted, sideswept curls, gold hoop earrings and a delicate pink outfit, the actress was the definition of sweet and pretty. If you want to copy the fabulous eye makeup that she wore to the event, Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog got the details.

Start out by lining your upper lash lines with a brown eyeliner like GloMinerals – gloPrecision Eye Pencil in Brown, smudging it into the base of the lashes. Then sweep a shimmery rose gold eyeshadow all over your eyelids, going a bit past the crease.

Use a taupe eyeshadow like Youngblood – Pressed Eyeshadows in Topaz in the creases and along the outer edges of your lower lash lines for dimension. Follow up with a gold eyeshadow or eyeliner along the rest of the lower lash line, adding a bit into the inner corners of your eyes.

To finish up, give your lashes two generous coats of lengthening or volumizing mascara, taking care to get all the way down to the base of each lash. If you focus especially on the lashes at the outer corners of your eyes, you’ll end up with Ashley’s cute flare effect.