Anna Kendrick looked absolutely gorgeous at the Hollywood premiere of Pitch Perfect. She had glossy wavy hair, the perfect shiny apricot lipstick, peach-flushed cheeks and amazing eye makeup. A pair (or two) of false lashes was probably responsible for those luxuriously long lashes, and her smoky eye makeup was perfection, but what really made her eyes look so big?

According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, it was the eyeliner on her inner rims. The eyeliner pencil was a light nude that bordered on white, which made the whites of her eyes look bigger, lending her a doe-eyed look. It also helped reflect light, which worked equally well to brighten up the eye area. A product like Youngblood – Eye-Illuminating Duo would give you the same effect.

Another trick that the starlet used was applying a shimmery highlighter on the inner corners of her eyes, which helped combat the shadows that are usually prominent in that area. She even went a step further by adding a bit of the highlighter in the centers of her lower lash lines. The girl really knows how to amp up her peepers!