Kate Beckinsale is a gorgeous lady who really knows how to rock the latest looks. But she also likes to update old classics like the smoky eye. Recently, Kate showed up at Comic-Con wearing a flattering version of the smoky eye that was done in bronze and rust colors – perfect for her skin tone. Here’s how to copy her eye makeup for yourself.

First, you’ll need a luxurious brown eyeliner to lightly trace your upper and lower lash lines. Don’t use it on your inner rims – the effect is meant to be subtle. Now use a medium shade of brown eyeliner to cover your entire lids. This will act as a base for your darker and lighter colors.

Pick up a rust eyeshadow color like BABOR – Eye Shadow in Fox and blend it into your creases, stopping just underneath your brow bone. Use a shimmery bronze color on your lower lids and layer that lightly on top of the rust color you just applied. Finish the shading by using a light bronze shadow on your inner corners, which will make your eyes appear brighter.

Finish up with two coats of a brown mascara, and you should have a smoldering look that rivals Kate’s!