There’s nothing worse than fixing your hair in the morning only to discover that your pesky cowlick has ruined all of your hard work ten minutes later. They’re most often found around the crown of your head, but some people have them near the hairline. Wherever it is, there are ways to control it so the hairs don’t stubbornly stick out in one direction.

The first easy fix is to get a haircut that complements and hides the cowlick rather than highlights it. Try to get one that works in the direction the cowlick grows or has weight on top of it to hold it down. Thick or curly hair can mask cowlicks with short layers that incorporate the cowlick into the style.

You can also tame cowlicks with a styling product. Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle will hold the cowlick in place while keeping your hair smooth and touchable – not stiff. Just apply to the area and use your fingers or a comb to redirect the misplaced hair.

Right after you get out of the shower, use a brush like Hamadi – Natural Hair Brush to get your hair going in the right direction. Then, when you blow dry, try alternating the direction your hair is going in every minute or so. This will prevent the hair from setting in any one direction.

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