Keira Knightley is always sporting awesome eye makeup looks, which usually revolve around dark, lashy smokey eyes. But for the Los Angeles premiere of “Anna Karenina,” the chic actress switched it up with a very modern, tasteful interpretation of the cat eye. Here’s how to do it yourself!

First, grab a black liquid eyeliner and use it to trace a thin line along your upper lash lines. Flick it out past your outer corners, about to the point where your eyebrows end. Then use a bit of gray or brown eyeshadow on your lids to provide depth. Add a hint of highlighter to your inner corners to brighten up your eyes. You don’t need to add any liner to your lower lash lines.

Now use a mascara to coat your upper and lower lashes. Apply one coat, brush through them with a comb, then apply another coat and comb one more time. This will make your lashes look extra feathery.

A hint of peach blush, a delicate, light pink lipstick and perfectly groomed brows will complete the effect!