You know that winged eyeliner is cool, but have you ever considered winging out your eyeshadow? Celebrities and gals everywhere have been experimenting with this look lately, and it’s suddenly an awesome trend! It’s a little edgy and daring, but with the right outfit and attitude, you’re sure to pull it off. Here’s how!

According to The Beauty Department, all you have to do is start with a basic smokey eye, which should cover your entire lid – extending out toward the end of your brows. BORGHESE – Shadow Milano Trio can help you achieve the perfect blend of color.

Now grab a makeup removing wipe, or use a cotton ball or pad dipped in a little AHAVA – Time To Clear Eye Make Up Remover. Starting from the corner of your eye, drag the wipe or pad up in a diagonal line toward the end of your eyebrow. This will create a clean edge for your wing. If you want a perfect edge, a cotton swab dipped in the makeup remover will neaten it up.

That’s all it takes! But if you want even more drama, the source recommends using the wing shape as a guide for your eyeliner, then create a cat eye.

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