When it comes to making a stunning first impression, having well-maintained and luxurious hair is an important component. Yet, when the winter season gets underway, it can be difficult to keep locks looking their best. From cold winds to blistering snow storms, most women battle the elements by bundling up in scarves and hats – this can lead to the dreaded appearance of flyaways.

If your hair gets static-like after wearing a hat or other woolen material, you don’t need to fret. You can guard against this threat with a few simple beauty steps.

For starters, you should invest in quality shampoo products and a silky finish conditioner that will leave your mane voluminous and hydrated. You may not think this matters in the fight against flyaways, but you couldn’t be more wrong. By having well-nourished strands, you can prevent a host of follicle foibles, including frizz and flyaways.

Once you’re through, you can make your beleaguered locks feel good as new with a non-sticky hairspray that can allow you style your hair into any look you desire. A reliable spray can also keep your strands from going haywire if you slip a hat over your head for a trek outdoors.

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