Nothing beats the natural radiance of rich, chocolate-toned eyes, but when it comes to tapping into the innate appeal of brown peepers, it can be tough to spot the best beauty trends to make the most of this ultra glamorous trait.

With these three great secrets, you can accentuate the deep dimensions of your brown eyes and impress that special someone with your stunning look.

1. Go for blue eyeshadow. Do you want make your peepers burst with vibrancy and energy? A bright blue shadow from Colorescience Pro – Loose Eyeshadow can electrify your everyday style.

2. Embrace purple mascara. Seems weird, right? Well, a purple mascara is unbelievable with brown eyes and can really help you unlock the potential of your makeup.

3. Don’t forget to prime! This might not be specific to ladies with mesmerizing brown eyes, but it’s a great practice just the same that can ensure your peepers make a splash in any setting. With a shimmery primer, you can feel confident that your cosmetics won’t fade over time.