Looking for a pretty, sweet makeup look with a little funky edge? The beauty fashions worn by the models at the Peter Som runway show during New York Fashion Week are the perfect picks. With natural-looking lips and cheeks offset by colorful eyeshadow, you’re sure to turn heads when you copy the look.

First, you’ll need to prep your face with the usual daily moisturizer, primer and foundation for a smooth, even surface. Use a brow pencil to thicken up your eyebrows and fill in any sparse areas, then use a peachy-pink, natural-looking blush to create a believable flush on your cheeks.

Now, choose three shades of eyeshadow from an eye palette, two of which are the same color (one should be slightly darker than the other) and another one that complements. One combination seen on the runways was soft yellow and pink.

The Beauty Department points out that the makeup artist used the complementary color on the lids, the lighter of the two matching shades in the creases and the darker shade of that same color on the brow bones. It’s a daring look that’s still perfectly pretty!