Kohl eyeliners are wonderful for giving your eyes definition while offering you the convenience of super easy blending. They’re smooth, rich and ideal for creating smoldering smoky eyes. But did you know that there’s a way to make their lines look even bolder? The Beauty Department has a trick that many makeup artists use to give kohl liners the texture and depth of gel eyeliner.

You’ll need a great kohl eyeliner, like Youngblood – Intense Color Eye Pencil, along with an open flame from a lighter, candle or gas stovetop. Please make sure you use caution! All you have to do is hold the pencil over the flame for less than a second to lightly liquefy it – a quick swipe is really all it takes.

Wait for the pencil to cool down for 15 seconds, then test it out on the back of your hand. The news source recommends rolling it on your hand to mold the tip and keep it pointed. When that’s done, apply the eyeliner as usual to your lash lines or inner rims. You should notice that this leaves you with a ton of color payoff that really gets into the spaces between your lashes, giving you greater definition and plenty of sexy attitude!