Contrary to what most people would logically assume, getting the perfect just-out-bed hairdo involves a bit of work. Remember – you don’t actually want to look like you just left last night’s rat’s nest where it formed on its own. A bed-head is still a style, though a fun one that flirts with imperfection.

You might not even have to wash your hair to pull this off if you’re not a big fan of showering – sometimes, having some natural oils helps create the necessary texture. Simply spray some dry shampoo into your roots to help remove any greasy residue that’s weighing down your hair in all the wrong places.

Next, apply some volumizing mousse to your tresses once it’s dry and curl thick sections with a round iron, spritzing hair-spray on them as you go. Don’t strive to be too perfect with your ringlets – grabbing random sections and even overlapping will help create a haphazard look.

Once your curls are set, run your fingers through your hair, messing it up as much as you dare and give it one final mist-over with the hairspray.

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