If you’re locked down with a shaving routine, chances are you’ve found a system that works with your schedule and is gentle on your skin – not all women can handle shaving with the same frequency, that is. But even if you think your regimen is working for you, there’s a chance you could save it for a better time.

According to Allure, it’s generally not the best idea to shave first thing in the morning or during a hot bath. That’s because your legs puff up while you sleep and also when they’re submerged in hot water, which effectively hides some of the hair and results in a less closer shave. If you can, try shaving at night, when your legs are apt to reap the most benefits from your razor.

Can’t bear to give up your routine? Look for a moisturizing shaving cream that’s designed especially for sensitive skin, so if you do need to shave more often, you can do so without irritating your legs. You may even consider trying a hair-removing cream or at-home waxing kit as a wholesale alternative to the razor altogether.

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