Not every nail art tutorial posted online or written about in the pages of a magazine is possible for some women. Whether you can’t draw to save your life, don’t have a steady enough hand or simply don’t have a wide range of nail polish colors available, you may find that some designs are simply out of reach. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a jazzed-up manicure like everyone else.

Instead of worrying yourself over tiny shapes and intricate details, why not take the easy route and use a chic glitter polish like Lippmann Collection – Stairway To Heaven Nail Lacquer to take your nails to another level? It’d look glitzy on all 10 nails, but even painting one accent nail with three strokes of the brush on each hand is enough to make it interesting.

The ring finger is the most popular candidate for accent nail designs, so consider making that your standout when you’re planning a color scheme. Go with matching shades of polish and glitter, like a red manicure with butter LONDON – Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer – Her Majesty’s Red on the accent nail, or choose complementary colors like gray polish and silver glitter. You could even go bold with a totally opposite choice, like gold and green. The effect is up to you!

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