Are you the kind of woman who’s always on the prowl for fresh new ways to utilize your beauty products? Primer can help ensure even and lasting coverage for cosmetics, which is a definite must during the scorching hot days of summer. But did you know that this versatile skin-softening product is great for use in a variety of other ways?

1. Mineral foundations can provide light, airy coverage during heat waves, but for cooler nights, you may want to give your look a dramatic edge. Blend your base with something like Youngblood Mineral Primer for a flawless matte finish that is sure to last through the evening.

2. Are wrinkles a source of frustration? Smooth out those fine lines by mixing your primer with a creamy smudge-proof concealer like BABOR – Camouflage Cream that may be able to cloak embarrassing signs of aging from your face.

3. Some of the most defining aspects of your face make up the T-zone (your nose and chin), which is why it’s so vital that you keep this area free of dirt and oil. While this can be a constant struggle for those with acne-prone skin, try blotting with a bit of primer. This may be able to prevent future breakouts and leave your face looking radiant!

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