You might think you know how to braid your hair, but you really have no idea. Ready to learn? Let celebrity hairstylist Michael Shaun, inventor of the “organic braid,” teach you a thing or two about making the perfect plait. And best of all, there’s no elastic needed to make this flawless style stay put all day long!

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, Shaun made waves earlier this year when he demonstrated this unique, rubber-band-free braiding style. To replicate it yourself, loosely separate your hair into three sections, but don’t pull them apart at the bottom. Begin to braid the strands, but don’t pull any of your hair through. It’ll feel weird at first – like you’re creating a giant knot – but we promise, it’ll quickly start to resemble an actual braid. A few inches below the bottom of your locks, stop braiding and pull the intact part of your hair up through the center of the braid. It’ll stay put all day, no elastic necessary, even if you want to go for a ride in your friend’s convertible.

Of course, a braid looks best when your tresses are soft and shiny – and making sure your locks glow all summer long starts with using the right shampoos and conditioners. For thick, strong hair that can withstand the rigors of frequent braiding, try June Jacobs‘ Green Tea and Cucumber Conditioning Shampoo.

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