If you suffer from occasional breakouts and blemishes, you know how tempting it is to cover them up with a little concealer. But if you apply too much, you might actually be worsening the problem. Not only could you be spreading bacteria and inflaming your breakout, you could also be giving yourself a caked-on look that’s even less appealing than blemished skin. Here’s how to apply your makeup perfectly, so no one will even notice that irritating spot.

First, remember to use a light touch. So you have a zit – everyone’s had one at some point or another. It may be all you can see when you look in the mirror, but other people are probably focusing on your eyes, hair and outfit as much as they are on that barely-noticeable blemish. Instead of slathering on tons of thick, matte concealer, start with a sheer layer and gradually build to opacity.

When it comes to making your concealer look natural, blend it in using the pad of your middle finger. Always tap – never blend! Tapping in your concealer will keep it looking natural and won’t rub it off the spot you’re trying to conceal.

Once you’ve covered up the offending blemish, apply a sheer layer of foundation to your entire face and finish off with a translucent powder.

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