You know to wash your face, exfoliate, stay out of the sun and use plenty of moisturizer, but do you know about all the other tips and tricks that can save (or ruin) your skin? If you’re in search of a flawless face, here are a few secrets that you should know.

First, don’t shy away from oil. We know, we know – the mere word might make you feel like you’re on the verge of a breakout. But actually, using a face oil can help prevent breakouts by nourishing your skin, calming overactive sebum glands and even killing acne-causing bacteria. Instead of scrubbing your face raw, wash with a gentle soap and apply plenty of facial oil to keep your skin supple and clear.

Additionally, your diet matters. Stay away from dairy. Cow’s milk is loaded with hormones, some of which can cause breakouts – especially in women. A nibble of cheese or a bowl of cereal is fine here and there, but stop loading up on nachos, ice cream and cheesy dips if you want your skin to clear up fast. In fact, the more fruits and veggies you can eat, the better your skin will look. Snacking on munchies that are high in water content, like watermelon and cucumber, is especially great for you.

If your follow these skin secrets, you, too, can soon enjoy a perfect complexion.

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