When you think of bobby pins, you probably imagine a bunch of boring brown pins that are meant to hide in your hair, holding intricate updos in place. It used to be that visible bobby pins were a fashion faux pas, but these days they’re showing up all over the place – no more hiding!

From Diane Kruger to Emma Stone, stars have been seen with bobby-pinned hairstyles on the red carpet, and beauty gurus everywhere are loving the look. Whether you place several in a row to hold back side-swept bangs, criss-cross them in X-shapes all around your head or get even more creative with those pins and your trusty hairspray, there’s no doubt that these accessories are chicer than ever.

But brown is pretty boring, right? While you can definitely find snazzy, colorful pins at a beauty supply store, a DIY solution is hiding right in your makeup stash. All you need is some bright or sparkly nail polish!

Seeing as you probably have a bunch of awesome shades to match a variety of outfits, you should have no problem matching your bobby pins to your ensembles. Just use the polish to coat one side of each pin, let them dry for a few hours and turn them over to paint the other side. When they’re all dry, you’ll have yourself a few great new accessories to rock. Cute!

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