Celebrities and real gals everywhere are getting in on the bangs trend. It’s an easy way to transform your look without having to commit to a brand new style. However, it’s important to figure out what type of bangs would look best. Allure magazine has a few tips to consider.

If you have a high forehead or a long face, bangs that go straight across your forehead can help to balance your features. Aim for them to hit somewhere between your eyebrows and eyelashes. Heavy, thick bangs work for straight hair, while whispy styles are better for wavy locks. Use a bit of Hamadi – Shea Pomade to style them.

Long, side-swept bangs look great on mostly everyone. If you have a heart- or square-shaped face, they can help to soften the angle of your chin. As an added bonus, you can clip them back whenever you want them out of your face. Just be sure to keep them grease-free throughout the day by sudsing up with Leonor Greyl – Huile de germe de ble (For devitalized or oily scalp) and touching up with a dry shampoo as needed.

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