Stick-on manicures are all the rage lately. Whether it’s because they’re so easy to apply or they simply look great, women everywhere are getting in on the trend. The Beauty Department has an easy way you can dress up the look to make it even more stunning.

Half-moon manicures are also in style, which probably explains why this paint job makes the perfect match for those intricate decals. To get the look, simply pick up some decorative nail stickers from your local drug store. The type of design you get is up to you, but leopard print is always fun.

Apply the stickers by following the directions they come with. Next, use reinforcement stickers (the circular kind you use on hole-punched paper) to create a circle at the top of your nail. Pick out your choice of Nailtini – Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer, then paint everything below the sticker. You’ll notice that the half-moon is where the decal shows.

Finish up with a coat of Lippmann Collection – Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat, then prepare to get compliments!

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